Garth! That was a haiku!

I’ve been in kind of weird mood lately, a lot of really stressful things happening over the past couple of weeks, plus some revelations I was just not ready for. As a result, I haven’t updated, because all I wanted to write were haikus. And then I thought, hey, maybe I should post a haiku sometimes. So, here is one from today:

I had thought about

you never dancing with me

guess I’m better off

It’s nothing amazing, somehow I happened to just speak a haiku to myself in the shower. I was thinking about my estranged husband, and the fact that he never danced with me. I realized that this is pretty basic stuff, and that there was a lot of basic stuff I missed out on.

I think it’s time for me to sit down and list those things. I’ll carry that list with me, and remind myself that anyone who would deny me these things, is someone I shouldn’t still be crying over.

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