Do Something Pretty While You Can

I haven’t been doing any Post A Day stuff, because it’s been one hell of a week. A few things that happened, in order of occurrence:

  1. I had to do my best to move the rest of our things out of his apartment.
  2. Got a message from an old friend that another old friend died. That makes 2 this year.
  3. Found out the last 2 years of my marriage were a lie; that my husband was actively looking for someone else that whole time.
  4. Had one strange evening where I cried, and all of my muscles seized up on me for a few hours. It really hurt.
  5. Really slacked on my exercise, due to items 1-3 sucking the motivation out of me.
  6. Went to the memorial service for my old friend.

Obviously, items 2 and 6 were the big ones. I won’t say how my old friend died, only that as I listened to the eulogies from those closest to him, I began to see layers of him that I never saw when we were younger. There were many feelings and worries he had that surprised me, because they’re feelings and worries that I have every day.

I watched his parents. The way they spoke about him, the way they received us. They were kind, strong, and grateful to see so many old friends turn up to say goodbye. The service was only an hour, but it was a beautiful tribute to the memory of a person who was truly kind, and good-natured.

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