Topic #218:

Imagine it’s August 2021 – what is your life like?

I turned 31 yesterday, and when I got this prompt from The Daily Post, I sort of chastised myself for neglecting to write here lately.

My life in 2021 is hard to imagine, because nothing I have ever imagined for my future has actually happened. That’s probably the case for most people, though, so I might as well have a go.

By the time I’m 41, I should already have been a nurse for at least a few years. I will probably still be living in my house, but it’ll be a different color. I don’t want to commit to a specific color, but let’s say red. I hope that both of my parents will still be alive, and that I will be taking care of them. My daughter will be in high school, and it is my hope that she’ll have a healthy level of rebelliousness; you know, nothing that gets her arrested, addicted, or pregnant.

That’s really all I can think of, and I’m kinda tired of sitting here.


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