A Mark, A Yen, A Buck, or A Pound.

Topic #224:

Do you wish you had more money or time?

While it might make me sound materialistic or shallow, my biggest issue as a single parent is money. I get a minimal amount of support money from the ex, and no part-time work I’ve applied for has yielded even a phone call. Companies aren’t exactly excited when they see the application of a woman who spent most of her 20’s out of the workforce.

I try to be frugal, and I balance my checkbook after every transaction, no matter how small. It’s fortunate that my parents opened their home to us, because what we get every month is about half of what rent would cost for an apartment. Currently, with no rent and only one or two small bills, we just about get by.

Still, living on a small stipend is pretty tricky. This is summer, which is the time of year that the ex gets decent bonuses at work. What he gives us is a portion of his bonuses, but when the bonuses dry up in fall/winter… Let’s just say that I’m not exactly yearning for more time, since most of it is spent worrying.

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